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50 Online Computer Lessons through Google Classroom

To join the Family Resource Center Online Computer Class you must have a personal Google Account. Send a Gmail to:


Include in the email your first name, last name, phone number, and a request to join the online computer class. You will receive a reply to your email that includes an invitation to join the Family Resource Center Online Computer Class.

Many of the lessons include an instructional video and a document in which to open and practice. For the best learning experience, please use a desktop or laptop with internet access.

If you do not have a Google Account (Gmail), please create one. For instructions on how to create a Google Account, please click on the video link below for a tutorial.

Creating a Google Account Video

If you are new to Google Classroom click on the link below to watch a video tutorial.

Google Classroom - Join, Stream, View Classwork, Submit Assignments

Need assistance with Zoom Meetings & Video Conferencing

Click on a link below to watch an online video tutorial demonstrating:

  • Join Meeting
  • Speaker View and Gallery View
  • Muting/Unmuting
  • Video On/Video Off
  • Raise/Lower Hand
  • Chat

and more......

The options for Zoom looks a little different depending on which device you are using. Therefore, you have a few different choices in device types for Zoom video tutorials:


Zoom Video Tutorial - Windows 10 device

ZOOM VIDEO TUTORIAL - Android Smartphone

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Computer Center has been temporarily closed. As soon as the community is at a safe level and proper safety precautions have been ensured the Computer Center will be opened again.

The Family Resource Center offers access to our Computer Center. Open daily and help available. Access to the following services:

  • Computer Classes
  • Employment Assistance
  • Rosetta Stone Online Language Learner Program Assistance